Inpatient Services

If your child requires a stay at the hospital, Lifeline Children’s Hospital’s team of medical personnel are dedicated at providing the best care possible. We provide full-time, inpatient general paediatric coverage.

Our admission facilities are opened on a 24-hour basis. Acutely ill children are constantly closely monitored and receive immediate responses to their treatment requirements. Our services are child-friendly and we have created an environment of joint engagement with parents in the care of their children.

Our expertise

  • 24/7 attending coverage
  • focused experience in managing and treating paediatric health concerns
  • in-house knowledge of hospital routines and policies, allowing for greater efficiency
  • access to children’s specialists and resources when needed
  • direct communication with your child’s medical team
  • daily meetings with parents/caregivers for updates and answers to your questions
  • care within a program that is nationally known for its leadership in paediatric hospital medicine.
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