About Us

Lifeline Children’s Hospital was founded in February 1994 by four visionary and experienced female paediatricians.

We commenced operations at our first site situated at 133 Ogunlana Drive, Surulere.

Our core business is the restoration, maintenance and improvement of the health of children.

In June of 2007, we expanded our operations to Lekki Phase 1 in order to bring first class paediatric care to families living in Lekki and its environs.

At Lifeline Children’s Hospital, the child is always first.  Our commitment has touched the lives of many and will continue to touch many more.

Lifeline Children’s Hospital remains a committed frontline national hospital you can depend on for your child’s health in the areas of preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care.

Our facilities are up-to-date and we strive to meet international standards at both Lifeline Lekki and Lifeline Surulere.  We give the child first class attention from birth to eighteen years of age.

The hospital is staffed by an excellent team of paediatricians, medical and other health care personnel with outstanding qualifications and longstanding professional experience.  From the laboratory to the wards and from our well-equipped theatres to our fully stocked pharmacies, the service experience with our world class team is unequalled.  We have an array of facilities for all paediatric cases: outpatient and inpatient services, neonatal, ambulatory care and surgical services.

We are well prepared to handle any emergency situation.

We are Lifeline Children’s Hospital, we live up to our name!

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